Manufacturing facilities are recognized when it comes to finding and developing energy conservation projects, but a shortage of financial resources and funds hinders efficiency schemes from trying to move forward leaving substantial energy savings on the plant floor.

With the unveiling of a New South Wales (NSW) grant, the timing could not have been better for Australian manufacturing companies to engage again in energy conservation plans. Projects that involve metering, equipment refurbishing and repurposing, or many other power-saving measures may use funding sources in this preliminary round to get projects within internal hurdle thresholds.

NSW Declares Financial Support of $16.7 Million for Energy Conservation Plans

The NSW recently declared government support of $16.7 M to motivate companies in improving the quality of their energy-saving programs. The program’s purpose is to enable manufacturing companies to set up energy-efficient equipment and energy metering as well as focus on upgrading their production lines. Works that require stable resources (electricity and gas) are qualified for financial assistance, up to a maximum of $120,000 per production facility.

Which projects are covered, and which costs?

Grant-funded projects include all the directly related to manufacturing industries and energy-efficiency plans that save gas or electricity behind the meter. The latter would also provide converting fuel to biofuels or biomass, if net energy use is lessened. Project activities related to site establishments that are used for management and accounting are not taken into account. Other unfunded plans include steam traps, lighting installations, battery storage, solar PV, or power factor correction.

REMINDER: You can not avail of other government support if your project already received Manufacturing Efficiency Funding. For example, it can not generate Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) under the Australian Government Emissions Reduction Fund, via the NSW Energy Savings Scheme or Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Who would be eligible?

  • Must be GST registered and also have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Manufacture at a facility in New South Wales that conducts production activities in line with the ANZSIC 2006 manufacturing department or cotton ginning

How should I apply?

  • The applications open starting 22 February 2019
  • Software Guide and Application Forms can now be available here
  • The government grants round is due to close on 31 July 2019

Manufacturing companies must submit an application as early as possible to make the most of this grant as only $16.7 million is distributed to producers on a first-come-first-served basis by the NSW government.

The energy data and engineering professionals at Schneider Electric work with local facilities to recognize, prioritize, and execute energy-efficiency programs including funding opportunities.