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With over 20 years of industry experience Novatherm Boilers and Combustion are your one stop shop
in the field of boilers and combustion sales and service. From a base in Newcastle NSW we offer products,
service, support and coverage for your heat generating plant.


Novatherm Boilers and Combustion have the capabilities to service and support
some of the largest fuel users in the country. Successful projects have included equipment
such as 70MW high pressure steam boilers down to 50kW Electric steam boilers.

Package Burners

Hot Water Boilers

DHW Water Heaters

Heating Equipment

Boiler Controls

Steam Systems


Novatherm Boilers and Combustion offer sales, service and support
for all heat generating equipment including steam and hot water boilers,
thermal fluid heaters and ancillaries such as blow down and feed water tanks.

Legislative servicing

Legislative servicing in accordance with AS2593 is essential to maintain unattended operation status for many boiler types. NBC can maintain your equipment and provide the required documentation to maintain your equipment in accordance with AS2593.

Boiler installation

The correct installation of your boiler and ancillary equipment is critical to maintain safety and efficient operation of your equipment. NBC will ensure your equipment is installed safely, correctly and within the required time frames.

Energy efficiency

Combustion analysis and reporting along with energy efficiency controls and burner upgrades are currently a key topic in our climate of ever-increasing fuel prices. NBC can help to identify energy efficiency opportunities. Systems can be designed to meet your needs and NBC can also liaise with government agencies to help with grants and funding for such opportunities. We can help you from concept to completion.

Combustion management controls

Burner management systems such as Siemens, Autoflame, Lamtec and Kromschroder are ideal to offer linkageless burner control systems and also integrate other energy improvement concepts such as variable speed drives and oxygen trimming systems.

Steam systems

The heat generating equipment is not the only thing that needs this attention, the Steam system can be a major energy wasting factor. Simple steam trap audits can pay for themselves many times over and are often seen as low hanging fruit in regard to return on investment.

Gas approvals

In Australia, all gas appliances must be certified, industrial and commercial gas appliances require Type B Gas appliance approvals and certification. This can be a complex and costly experience if the correct protocols are not followed. NBC have a wealth of experience in this field and can help you with Type B appliance approvals.

Steam boilers must carry a current certificate of in-service inspection and be registered with the relevant state governing body. Annual inspections are required to obtain a certificate of in-service inspection. NBC will take your boiler from handover to completion and organise inspection if and where required.


Package burners are a speciality of Novatherm Boilers and Combustion,
sales and service of brands such as Riello, weishaupt, Ecoflam.
Unigas, enterprise, saacke, oilon, and Nu-Way are an everyday occurrence.


“Novatherm’s approach identified a multitude of dubious, non-compliant and potentially dangerous wiring, piping and controls issues. They took time to understand the operational profile of our equipment and took a site specific as opposed to a one size fits all approach to their analysis. They recommended options to improve control and energy performance using existing equipment and identified alternate equipment should we wish to drive maximum performance. The attention to detail and thorough knowledge of the subject matter was refreshing and first class.”

Graham Gunner

Facilities Manager

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